Same Same but Different


How does January traditionally evolve for you?

Yesterday I read my blog from this time last year, and I’ve come to understand that the first 2- 3 weeks of January provides me a gift of comfort, rest and regeneration, and then situations arise that require brainwork, contemplation, planning and action.

Is it the same for you?

Gratitude is definitely in order because I am gifted space to feel that all is well in my world and life is cruising along.

Now though, I have received the Universe’s tap on the shoulder, though it actually feels like a huge shove, to get moving in this year of 1, the first in the next 9 year cycle.

The following is what I perceive the current message to be.

It is time to step up and own your ‘self’.

Take responsibility and ownership of your actions, your words, your life.

Cease the victim mentality, the poor me thoughts, the lying down and giving up, or the automatic behaviour that has you inert, frozen, and feeling helpless whilst those around try and fix things to be in your favour.

Flip your thinking and attitude from victim to VICTOR 💪🏻

Look for solutions, for guidance. Stand up, support yourself with healthy food, positive action and the mindset of ‘I can do this’. Accept assistance whilst assisting yourself, then it becomes teamwork.

It is vitally important to do this, because this forms the foundations for a stronger you and a fabulous life in the years to follow.

Start off how you plan to finish, and you will look back and understand that the challenges, the setbacks, the taking a leap of faith, were so, so worth it.




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