Choose Love…


Christmas time, family celebrations, laughter, reliving memories, good times….

Or are they?

Christmas can be stressful when families come together. The interactions over the dinner table can have us reverting back to childhood behaviours or can trigger feelings of inadequacy, hurt, frustration or anger.

However, before you revert to the reflex reaction, bring Love into the equation.

Consciously choose before entering, to honour your self with Love.

Honouring ‘self’ with Love incorporates kindness, respect and warmth.

It includes graciously accepting and giving compliments.

It is recognising that circumstances may be difficult for some, and acknowledging that we all have varied tools to assist us in managing situations where the air is filled with the energy and vibrations of others.

So use Love as your tool to break the cycle and experience a joyful day ❤️


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