Kinesiology….. What??



Frequently I find myself in situations where I am asked “What do you do?” Conversations are easy when your work is something you love, however, as much as I love Kinesiology, explaining it is less than easy!

If you asked anyone who has experienced Kinesiology what it actually is, you would never get the same answer; because what occurs during an appointment, which we call a balance, varies from session to session and from person to person.

As PKP (Professional Kinesiology Practice) Kinesiologists, we believe that on a deep unconscious level, your body already knows exactly what it needs for optimal well-being.

Kinesiology works with the understanding that all aspects of a person work as one, with the brain being the prime engine. The brain, as we know, is involved with our ‘selves’ on many levels. These include:

  • Physical: movement, breathing, heartbeat, perspiration
  • Nutritional: digestion, assimilation of minerals and antioxidants into cells, elimination
  • Emotional: reactions and behaviours
  • Psychological: thoughts, dreams, the processing of ideas
  • Energetic: includes intuition, feelings about things, a gut instinct or a ‘knowing’ about things, people or situations

So how is It done?

We use muscle testing to identify blockages, imbalances and stressors and muscle testing to identify the solutions.

Remember, your brain is linked to all components ‘you’, including your muscles, so when something is a truth for you and sits comfortably with you, your muscles remain firm. However, if that something is a stress or untruth, muscles will unlock.

Think of being in a situation that is stressful, such as receiving bad news or a near miss accident, you go ‘weak at the knees’, that is your muscles unlocking!

Why an appointment?

In a nutshell, to deal with stress.

Now what is a stress for you, may not be a stress for me, and how it presents for each of us varies greatly too. Insomnia, skin rashes, learning difficulties, family and relationship issues, allergies, digestive issues, fears, headaches, harassment….. the list is endless. Anything that is a stress for you can be addressed.

Why are emotions important?

PKP Kinesiologists always work to discover the emotion attached to the stress. It is very likely that you would not even be able to name the emotion, but by using muscle testing, we can discover that emotion. Oftentimes as soon as we speak it, you immediately know and understand.

Research shows that if you can understand why something is stressful to you and gain some clarity around it, the better the outcome. Throughout a session, as issues arise, emotions are discovered and discussed and stressors dissolved.

So how do you treat my stress?

Well, as I explained, you yourself identify the remedy via the muscle testing. There are many, many ways of defusing your stress during a session. As Kinesiologists, we have access to a whole other language, a little like sign language, to interpret your solutions. It looks weird, but it works!

Some of our tools include essential oils, dietary supplements, acupressure point holding, repetitive muscle movements, tracing meridians, visualisation, crystals, flower essences, sounds, and lots of discussion.

How will I feel afterwards?

Some people notice changes immediately; often just the clarity you gain identifying emotions feels fabulous, but many of us require a few days to integrate all we have discovered, and it is only when we look back that we see the evidence.

Any questions?

Feel free to comment, message or call me.




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