Words have Power


Imagine this…

You are standing in a crowd at an event. The sun is shining, the day warm, the mood of the crowd is one of joyful acceptance. Music can be heard, a rhythm and flow that has toes tapping and bodies moving in time.

In the centre of the human happiness is a raised circular stage, a set of stairs surrounding it. People are being drawn to the area, and excitedly dancing up the stairs to stand centre stage. And when they do, the words they speak appear on their skin.

Celebration ensues for those wearing words of beauty, gentleness and compassion, for they are the light for all who come in to contact with them. They are the healers, the peace-bringers, the Soul essences of humanity.

The majority of people though, when they stand on that stage, find that the words they wear are a combination of beauty and harshness. We are all capable of negativity, of gossip, of judgement or criticism, and often we find ourselves in these behaviours without consciously choosing to be there.

If we lived each moment knowing that the words we spoke would be written upon our skin, would your words be the same?

Thinking of the conversations you have had in the last 24 or 48 hours, what words have you used, are there aspects of your language that require changing?

Consciously practice being aware of every moment of conversation, the situation of the conversation, and the words you are using, so that you use language that you would proudly wear with love and joy.

Remember, your words are truly powerful, and contribute to the amazing person you are 🙏🏻








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