Under The Personal Microscope

IMG_3162.JPGExcuse me, but it’s time for some honesty.

Are you an honest person?

I’m hearing a loud, resounding  “yes”, but what if the question is “are you truly honest with you?”

What would your answer be?

The last few weeks, months even, have been so full of go, go, go, that many of us are finding ourselves coming to a grinding halt. The wheels just aren’t turning as fast, and we are slowing down unconsciously. Don’t fight the deceleration, it is exactly what you need at this very moment.

As we are drawing toward the end of 2016, now is the perfect time to regroup, to revise, and to reassess not only the plans and goals you had for this year, but those that you had for your own self.

Can you tick off the goals you made at the commencement of 2016? Do any require modification? Or even deletion?

Look within… Be honest with YOU. It’s time for a personal evaluation through self awareness, inner reflection and faith.

Only you know the true perfect you. Only you know your honest dreams, your truths, your ideas, and the words you speak to self.

Use the energy of the new moon over the coming days to set aside moments of quiet introspection. Be candid with yourself in only loving ways. Acknowledge areas, thoughts, behaviours that are less than positive, and flip them over into an affirmative.

Who are you? What are your self truths? How do you want to be?

Write down your dreams of you. Envision what it will be like. Feel the emotions connected to your vision, and speak them as truth. On a piece of paper, a card or on your electronic device, document the singular words that describe your vision, perhaps bliss, peace, truth, laughter, there are millions to choose and they are yours. Each day for the remainder of this current year, read your words and infuse them, inhale them, live them.

I am Bliss. I am Peace. I am Truth. I am Laughter.

Who are YOU?







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