Wahhhhh! I’ve Lost My Tribe! 😩


The energetic pull of developing yourself spiritually is hard to resist, and when you are travelling along the sparkly path of discovery and learning, the ‘ahaa’ moments and occasions of insight and self awareness present themselves frequently.

But along with the process of personal growth, arrives the process of shedding and farewell, and (un)fortunately, this very often involves the leaving behind of people and places.

The reality is, that as we understand more about ourselves and the energetic world we live in, and then make changes relevant to ‘self’, we tend to outgrow those who do not respect or value our choices or lifestyle.

In recent months I’ve been hearing a theme from not only kinesiology clients, but from people I’m meeting socially, and basically, it’s the question of “Where do I belong?”

Does this resonate with you?

My personal spiritual adventure has resulted in a multitude of changes: withdrawing myself from a long term friendship group where I ultimately felt like an outsider, resigning from a managerial position that I no longer felt aligned with, changing my diet to nourish my body, and a tree-change to a community where I knew no one.

Spiritual growth, self development, and awareness, will change your life in more ways than you could ever imagine, and I guess that’s the crux of it, we embark on our journey with a focus on our advancement rather than the alteration of our life perspective and it’s chain reaction.

Trust that the side effects of your growth are in your highest good. Remaining in unsupported friendships, in a career that does not align with your values, or in a place that feels wrong, is a betrayal of your own person. When you honour your self by having the courage to alter your life in any way, you are raising your vibration, and this in turn, will attract like minded people.

Believe me, it doesn’t happen overnight, but hang in there, have faith. Find groups to link in with on Facebook, join a yoga studio, do a course that involves in person meetings or teaching, talk about your interests, the work you do, or the things you’d like to achieve.

Use your voice to find your tribe.

Best wishes to you on your quest for your spiritual family, from one still searching for her lost tribe 🙏🏻



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