The Balancing Act



I’ve been supporting a loved one with a mental health concern these last few weeks. Well, really it’s been several years, but these recent weeks seem to have had a deeper impact.

I feel as if the last few years I’ve lurched from gratitude to despair and back. I’ve felt my heart drop to the ground and soar with relief and hope. My adrenals are exhausting themselves with maintaining a semblance of balance. I’ve been the little white ball in the foozeball game!

I thought I had myself under control. I’ve been supporting for so long, being the resilient one, the commonsense person, the researcher and solutions expert….

But one phone call had me grasping the tightrope by one hand. It took more than days and several attempts, but I was back on my feet and balancing again, all but a fair bit wobbly though.

Maintaining ‘normality’ in work, routine, and demeanour takes it’s toll. It’s rarely reasonable to share my experiences with colleagues, family, friends or clients, and it is not uncommon to feel quite isolated from community whilst presenting an ‘all together’ persona to the world.

Life can be extremely challenging, and I know it has been for many of you too, particularly in recent weeks. So how do we survive? How do we achieve more than survive?

My ‘go to’ survival kit includes Kinesiology, Clearing, Cleansing and Cord  Cutting work, Rescue Remedy, naturopathic supplements, meditation and chakra work. But this time, these tools weren’t enough. 😕 My body and mind required something more.

So what was my solution?

3 simple things.

1. A Shower 🚿 whilst visualising the stress, worries, concerns and fears washing away.

2. Sleep 😴 Oh I felt so much better after 8 hours of rest.

And the real game changer for me,

3. A Mantra. A slogan, a catchphrase, a sacred utterance believed to have psychological or spiritual powers.

My mantra just popped into my head after I washed the negativity away. Positivity filling the remaining void.

Find the words that have meaning for you. The words that resonate deep within. Repeat until you believe it and repeat it some more. Breathe it in, live by it, absorb it.

If you, like me, feel as if you are losing yourself in the role of carer, supporter or solutions expert, please, do everything you can to support YOU, because ultimately you are the most important person in your life.

I happily share my sacred words with you 🙏🏻

First and foremost, I support Me.

Only then, can I support You.

Blessings and love to you 💗







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