The Space in Between


Oh my, can you feel it?

There’s a sense of stillness, like a space in between breaths or the ticking of a clock.

This interval is more than a tiny gap, it will encompass the coming days, for some of you it will be up to a week. This precious time is the gathering, the assemblage of the components that will become the next version of you.

Reflect back on August and September. Old hurts, past experiences, and less than positive thoughts and emotions have come to the fore haven’t they? Whether you are aware or not, many of us have chosen to release and move away from these aspects of ourselves, for they now serve the updated you absolutely no purpose or benefit.

Focus now, on you. How can you improve your self? Your physical body, your emotional being, your role in relationships?

The coming days are your opportunity to take action, to move positively toward updated you. So what modifications have been in your thoughts? Perhaps you’ve been thinking you should walk more, join a class, or modify your eating.

Stepping forward will initiate the momentum for the 2017 version of you.

Act on your ideas now. No hesitating, no resisting, no wavering, only certainty and movement.



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