Being a Modern Mystic


Sounds witchy doesn’t it, but I guess in today’s world, what centuries ago would have resulted in public humiliation and possibly death, is now considered acceptable.

In 2015, I enrolled into the School of Modern Mystics, or SOMM, after attending a weekend workshop facilitated by its founder Belinda Davidson.

Listening to Belinda’s story, experiencing the gifts she shared, and meeting others interested in her teachings, inspired me to enrol into her online school.

My interest was sparked with Belinda’s knowledge of chakras.  I wanted to learn more so that I could add to my knowledge and my professional toolkit, enhancing my kinesiology skills. I was after facts, information and know-how.

However, it was not so simplistic as that!

Learning about the chakras and working with each one for a designated time, involved working on me 😳. Now that was not a consideration when I enrolled! I was challenged, gained insights and awareness, committed myself to meditating, healed on multiple levels and developed and learnt to trust my intuition. I have tools that give me courage, emotional strength and resilience. My daily practice involves my chakras and I, and that in itself is a personal gift and blessing.

My initial plan was to complete Level 1 and walk away with my new found knowledge, but you know what? I love this work so much; it’s personal enhancement, it’s support and guidance, it’s   divinely guided teachings and the embracing support of fellow SOMM students, that I have continued on to Level 2.

Whilst I am very early into the Level 2 journey discovering my true soul purpose, the reality of discovering my inner most conscious and unconscious fears is truly a revelation.

I am so very excited about what further personal discoveries I will make and the future that this course has opened up for me.

If you too sense the pull to journey along with me and my fellow SOMM students from all over this beautiful earth, click on the link below 🙏🏻


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