It’s Ok, You Are Human!


Have any of these emotions surfaced for you in the last week or so? Believe me when I tell you, you are definitely not alone!

The recent week plus has totally pushed me out of my comfort zone, where I was very comfortable thank you very much; but the Divine had other plans for me and I’ve experienced all of the above emotions and more. Life has indeed been very challenging.

Our years rotate in ‘9’s, this current year being the last of the 9 year cycle, so we are currently in a space of relinquishing baggage from the past 9 years in preparation for 2017. This month being the 9th month, is the peak, (or is it the trough?) of discarding all of the rubbish that we no longer require for our future journey along our life path.

So with this in mind, allow the challenges and the pieces you’d rather not face come to the surface. Decide whether you still need them, and if you believe you need to address them, then do so before joyously releasing them.

Acknowledging the not so lovely components of our human selves is less than easy, confronting even, but recognition will allow you to decide whether it is of benefit to you, and whether you take it forward into the next nine year cycle.

Disallowing emotions other than happiness keeps you stuck, much like the caterpillar refusing to build a cocoon, without that stage there would be no butterfly, no new, improved and evolved you.

Celebrate your human ‘being.’

Experience the gamut of emotions available to you. Acknowledge and review their benefit to you. Discard or keep.

You are after all, spectacularly human ✨




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