Find Your Happy 💕


What is happy, and specifically, what is your happy?

Are you able to answer this question straight up or is it something you need to ponder?

Happiness, not to be confused with joy although similar in emotion, is defined as ‘feeling pleasure, enjoyment, or contentment’, whereas joy is defined as ‘a feeling, source or cause of great happiness’.

If this is so, joy then, is the instigator and happiness is the result.

So, who do you need to be to feel so joyous that you are happiness personified?

Are you doing the things that make you happy? Being the person that brings you happiness? Living the life that is your happy?

Of course our emotions are labile, we are never in a constant state of one disposition, and the fact is that if we did not experience opposites of emotions we would not be able to distinguish between them.

Oftentimes we move through our days with routine, we wake at a specific time, eat the same breakfast, travel to work, move through the day ticking off tasks, home again, evening routines, to bed and it all starts over again when the alarm goes off. Routines are fabulous when they enhance us, when they benefit our well-being, but when they grind us down and contribute to physical or mental ill health, they are not so great.

The majority of us do not have the luxury of making sudden massive life changes such as switching careers or moving to other cities to ensure our happiness, however, we do have the capacity to take small steps toward personal happiness.

Perhaps waking a little earlier to do something joyful – sitting on your verandah with a cup of tea, meditating, reading, going for a walk, or 5 minutes of stretching rather than rushing around. Maybe you’d love to take an afternoon nap on a Saturday rather than being in a whirlwind of cleaning.

Possibly your happy is feeling the sun on your face, or a little hand in yours, or pottering in your garden? Whatever it is, isn’t it time you lived as you deserve to? Commence the pathway to happiness in the smallest of ways then add to it. You will reach the moments of happiness more often than currently, and wouldn’t that be fabulous?

Savour the life you were gifted with.

Make it worthwhile to you, before anyone else, and be someone who makes you happy 💕



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