How are you with setting your boundaries?

We all have ideals, morals or rules we live by or we view as acceptable to us, or do we?

It’s so easy to say “I believe…. Or I will accept … Or I am… Or I will tolerate…. ” But do you walk your talk?

Whilst we do not have control of the actions, behaviours or words of another, we do have control of our own behaviours, thoughts and conversations.

The key to boundary setting is self care and self love. So how do you do this?

Chakra work.

Pure and simple, it involves working on your chakras. The energetic centres of ‘you’.

The state of your chakras determines your physical and mental health.

We all have 12 known chakras, 6 on our physical body and 6 above in our energetic field. Most of us are aware of the first 7 chakras, these are the chakras that determine your health and your life.

Concentrating on the site of each chakra will help cleanse and strengthen them. It is helpful also to visualise the colour of each chakra as you concentrate on the area, perhaps even imagine the colour as brilliant and entering the area with every in breath.

Very basically, chakra 1 is known as the base chakra, it is the colour red and located at the perineum or base of the tailbone.

Chakra 2 is the sacral chakra, located in the lower abdominal area and orange.

Chakra 3 is known as the solar plexus chakra, sited in the upper abdomen above your navel and is yellow.

The heart chakra is number 4 and green.

Chakra 5 is over the throat area and blue.

The third eye chakra is the sixth and sited  between the eyebrows  and is an indigo colour, a midnight blue.

The seventh chakra is over the crown area at the top of the head and is the colour violet, though some texts depict it as white.

If you find yourself in a situation where you feel that your boundaries have been over-stepped, where you feel over-whelmed by the behaviours, words or even the gaze of another, place your hand over your solar plexus. Feel your strength, visualise your solar plexus chakra expanding, steady or ground yourself by feeling firm and strong. This simple action will affirm your boundaries and either cause the other person to move on or allow you to settle from over-whelm to unaffected.

This is a very brief overview of chakras, but solar plexus strengthening is a very powerful action. Even if you do this only, you will notice a difference.

How do I know this? Through the teachings of the School of The Modern Mystics. A very powerful, supportive  on-line classroom that is followed world wide.

Future blogs will discuss more on my experiences, but if you would like further information or you too would like to join the School of The Modern Mystic, click on the link below.


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