School of Life


Life has a way of encouraging us to choose between being a victim or a victor.

Choice? Yes choice, you do have one.

The reality is that often we slip into victim mode without a thought. We become embroiled in the negativity, the down and the  draining. The challenge then, is to make adjustments that see us becoming otherwise.

My story involved a vision. It was a personal dream to bring to fruition an event that would allow me to share my joy, my experiences and my knowledge in such a way that those I was sharing with, would themselves experience the exhilaration I felt.

The divine deemed that whilst this was achievable, there would also be a challenge attached. My lesson involved an assumption regarding the expectations of others needs, dreams or wants. The reality is, how could I even know that? I assumed that by choosing my vision, each persons’ reward would be the same as mine, and whilst the group majority loved and appreciated my efforts, a minority emanated dissatisfaction. My focus on not only pleasing others, but worrying about whether they got it, liked it or appreciated it, had me questioning my self, my role and my purpose, draining my energy to the extent that I became unwell, the victim element creeping in. I recognised a lesson playing out, but negative self talk allowed for less clarity.

So what was reinforced for me?

The journey of ‘self’.

Focussing on self fulfilment allows for happiness, strength, health and meaning in all I do. It’s not about “to the detriment of all others”, but to the mantra of “if I am fulfilled those around me will be too”.

My physical and mental health are birthed from my own happiness. Happiness, strength and purpose radiate. They shine, they permeate, they lift and brighten.

Life lessons are individual and personal. You have control of you alone, not anyone else, and the journey of ‘self’ is multi dimensional and varied. Yes, we travel a path that crosses over and back and parallel to those around us, but the journey of self involves just that…. Self.

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