Magic Carpet Ride


‘Ride the magic carpet ride of your life with only thoughts and feelings guiding you.’

Powerful words from the fabulous KV. So… Are you doing this?

Life truly is magic when you follow your own intuition, your personal instincts.

Surrendering yourself to the will of another places the reins of your life into their control. Now, you may be reading this and thinking ‘I’m my own person, no one controls me, I do as please,’ is that an absolute truth?

Several years ago I was working in a role that was initially extremely challenging, I was completely out of my comfort zone.  I was learning new skills that were way out of my scope of existing knowledge, the support provided was limited and my stress levels were high, but I kept telling myself it was part of a bigger plan, that I needed to learn from the experience. Then it plateaued around the 2 year mark and it became comfortable. Coincidentally, when the work itself became natural to me, my employer ba came more business focussed rather than client focussed, and my line manager changed her processes and micromanaged and delegated more toward me. Work became extremely unpleasant. This instigated a change in my career. It took several years to gain the qualifications I required to resign, but I did it.

I surrendered to the Universe to gain my business management skills and I surrendered to another by enduring what I now view was harassment. That behaviour thankfully forced me to surrender to the Universe in finding a new direction, and now I surrender only to where I am intuitively guided.

If it doesn’t feel right I don’t do it. If I have to think about it it’s not for me. If I ignore the thought that flashes into my mind, I am reminded later, a little push from those who guide me.

A magic carpet ride is what I am currently on. It’s my favourite mode of transport because it enhances me personally. It has given me confidence to faithfully leap where I never ever dreamed I would.

Why not source your own little piece of magic carpet and take the ride of your life to somewhere amazing?


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