What Lies Beneath?

image.jpegOnly you, truly know what lies beneath your skin.

I am referring not to the physical, but to the emotional, the mental, the spiritual.

It is the self talk, the recognitions, the vibratory senses.

No other person will ever know the truth of you.

Knowing this, isn’t it about time you were honest with yourself?

You are living this life, in this moment, to honour yourself rather than to please others. Are you doing this? Honouring self involves an awareness and appreciation of all that you do, including the things you do for others and the apparently mundane.

How is your self talk? Do you speak to yourself as you would to a friend? Do you honour, congratulate and forgive when your being requires it? Self talk is a thought only, it may not necessarily be a truth. If your words are derogatory or less than positive, precede them with the words “I’m having a thought that….” and feel the difference, the lessened impact.

Do you have ‘aha’ moments where your mind lights up, even for a split second, and do you acknowledge and act on these? Write them down as an acknowledgment and expand them when you are drawn to.

Have you ever been in a place, a situation or a conversation with a sense of déjà vu, a flash of recognition, or a shivery sense of knowing? Whave you done with that?

Remember, your life is yours.

Choose a life that is a reflection of your beautiful soul self.




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