Just Breathe…


The next time you are feeling anxious, worried, overwhelmed or stressed, take note of your physical body.

What is your posture doing? It is most likely that you are hunched over, shoulders raised, muscles held tight.

Notice your breath. Are you breathing with shallow, quick breaths?

Observe your facial expression. Are your jaw and tongue relaxed, your brow unfurrowed?

Allowing these emotions to affect you is not respectful to self, after all, I’m sure you would not wish to inflict these same feelings onto someone you love, so why perpetuate the self abuse?

Just breathe…

Take long slow inhalations, long slow exhalations…

Continue, and as you do, feel your body relax, your posture uncurl, your shoulders drop, and your face and jaw relax.

Envision each in-breath as a breath of love to your body, your cells, your muscles and your mind.

Breath in the love….

Dissolve and dissipate the anxiety, overwhelm, worry and stress.

Send breathes of love to your body…

You, above anyone else, deserve love ❤️


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