Define Yourself in Now


What is your external view?

Is it the equivalent of the internal?

Who would ever guess that the fine grey, hair covered buds of a magnolia tree, would encapsulate such beauty as the magnolia flower?

We too, are like the magnolia.

What you initially see is the costume, the mask, the camouflage of the exquisiteness within.

Shift your vision from past behaviours, past words, past experiences.

Focus on the present only, and see beyond the bounds of your physical sight.

Disregard  your circumstances, your career, your illness. They are not who you truly are. They are less than your essence, they do not define you.

See yourself in the present, the now, in this moment, this breath.

You are a soul being. You are more than.. greater than… cherished and loved.

You are beauty and magnificence, truth and honesty, exquisitely exclusive.

Recognise and appreciate all of this, because this is your truth 💕


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