image.jpegVery wise words from KV@aquariusnation

We are not any one of us, the same person that we were a week ago.

Conversations spoken, experiences had, visions viewed by eyes seen and unseen, words heard, dreams held; they all alter who we are.

This week, choose to consciously face your issues. Release them to the four winds, the skies,  the universe.

How? Go to your ‘place’. The space that to you, represents peace and calm. It may be in your reality or in your mind. Speak aloud that which you seek to liberate yourself from, and envision it floating away.

Breathe in deeply and sigh it out with ‘aaah’. Repeat twice then return to normal breath. Feel the comfort, the relaxing of body and mind. This is the newer version of ‘you’.

You are free. You are HOME. Trust your life. 🙏🏻

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