What’s Your Behaviour?


How do you react when events occur beyond your control?

When something hits you with a ‘wham’ out of the blue, do you take it your stride or do you throw a hissy fit? Do you step up and take responsibility as required or do you seek to lay blame?

As a Kinesiologist I have become so aware of behaviours and responses not only in others, but in myself too.

When we were children, we learned behaviours that provided reward and we used these to our advantage, quite often unconsciously. We’ve all seen the child throwing a tantrum in public with the parent responding in such a way that rewards the behaviour, usually in the supermarket over something sweet. We have also witnessed the guilty child blaming a sibling rather than owning the act.

This learned behaviour is stored away in the filing cabinet at the back of our mind. For some, this performance is re-enacted automatically when even as an adult, it doesn’t  appear that securing the outcome desired is going to occur, or when responsibility is bypassed for finger pointing.

Have you ever witnessed an adult having a tantrum or denying responsibility through blame? It is definitely not a pretty sight, or an event to be proud of if you happen to be the prime performer.

So, how do you alter your behaviour so that it reflects a maturity rather than childishness?

Kinesiology can definitely assist you to alter your reaction, however, if that is something you cannot access at the moment, your answer is awareness of the present moment… the now.

If you are able to remain ‘present’, you will also be conscious, alert, cognisant; and being in this state will assist you to recognise self and your emotions, and as a result, will guide you in modifying your behaviour. It’s less than easy to do, but awareness of your own person will allow change.

So, how do you react in times of stress?

How will you react in future?



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