What I have discovered in my time as a Kinesiologist, is that many of us impose a life sentence not only ourselves, but on others too, in the form of judgements made on past behaviours. Funnily enough, with the Full Moon last Monday signifying release, this theme has been ongoing the last week or so for many of my clients.

How many of you are guilty of defining another in this way?

The girl who partied hard in her twenties may now be the most amazing Mama. The boy who lost his licence because a love of speed and immaturity weren’t a good combination, is possibly your sons’ sporting mentor as his coach and doing the job wonderfully.

And what about you?

Do you live by the label you have placed on yourself?

Do you tell yourself and others you are hopeless at math or english, uncoordinated or clumsy, when the awareness of this developed in childhood either due to comparing yourself with others or others comparing and labelling you?

Today is the day to release the past and focus on the present… the now.

I find it really helpful to visualise the release of the labels so that you can define yourself in a positive manner. Sit quietly and breathe in and out with a presence that allows you to relax. Place a hand over your heart and breathe into the area.

Visualise your past, your label and state aloud your recognition of its futility. Now state aloud your wish to release it. Visualise the issue as a size, colour and shape, then diminish it to a harmless vision. Release it as you wish, let it fade, float away, wash away.

Who are you now? In this very moment?

What has the past taught you about yourself?

There is always, always a positive side to the unfavourable. Focus on these positive aspects and adopt them as your labels.

Your past is exactly that. Your present is not the life sentence, it is the lesson you have learnt.




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