The Truth About Being Spiritual

imageIs there a person in your life who you admire as someone spiritual?

What is it exactly, that captivates you?

To you, do they appear exceptional? Gifted? Unique? Does their life appear to be in control? All together? Perfect?

In my humble experience, what I have learnt and come to know as a truth, is that the very person we aspire most to be like, that one being who you believe to be gifted and inspiring and have it all together…

Is generally someone who has known struggle, and who has faced challenges we ourselves would never wish to experience. More often than not, a crisis for that person has triggered their search for something more than what is obvious to the human eye, for something greater than mainstream thinking, for an understanding of life from another viewpoint.

It is this very quest that opens the mind, that broadens the spotlight, that enlarges the outlook. It is the search for something more and the understanding gained, that influences, alters, and recreates the very person you so admire.

And oftentimes, the challenges continue. They do not cease because one has an wholistic view, in fact, it is almost as if they arise as a result.

By all means, admire, aspire, appreciate and applaud your spiritual mentor, truly they deserve it. But understand that they too have struggled and known pain, we are one and the same.

Being spiritual does not absolve you from life’s challenges, it gifts you the strength and tenacity to face them, embrace them, and emerge perhaps not unscathed, but with a greater understanding, a resilience and a new found strength.





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