Where is your voice?

This week, whilst we have been traversing the abyss discussed in my last article, it appears that we have misplaced our words.

Have you noticed that your words aren’t flowing? That there are times when you can’t even find the words to speak let alone release them? Where have our words gone?

For those of us who regularly write, give speeches or present to others, this absence of words can be anxiety inducing, disconcerting, even debilitating.

Your words are your thoughts shared with the world, but perhaps now is not the right time to be so generous with the world?

What is transpiring now, are the ideas, the flashes of insight, and the brilliance that will develop further into your goals and ultimately, your actions.

Sometimes it’s worthwhile to keep thoughts to oneself; to develop them further, to add to them, to research a little and to explore possibilities, before acting.

That is what this void of voiceless, speechless, time is for.

Savour the silence. Embrace your secrets. Indulge in the dreams. Develop your ideas. Formulate your strategies. Plan the ultimate manoeuvres.

Trust that all is as it is meant to be.

We are climbing the ladder….

Slowly walking toward the springboard…..

Getting ready to dive into the greatest aerobatics of our lives.



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