The Abyss


An abyss: a deep gulf, a void.

I’ve noticed with my clients over the past week, that there has been a common thread, and to be honest, I too have experienced elements of the same; a feeling of ‘bleh’, just ‘being’ rather than experiencing, neither happy nor sad, going through the motions of daily life.

There is an underlying uncertainty, a feeling of some thing deep starting to vibrate, to detach and break away and then dissolve into the ether.

Why is this occurring? What is the purpose? How do we manage this time of seeming immobility?

We are delving deeper into the true source of self. Either moving toward our soul purpose or redefining our purpose, our path.

Removal of the obstacles that are preventing forward movement will happen, they are happening, so your role is to support yourself during the process.

Sustaining ourselves whilst the changes occur will be different for each of us, and finding your supportive remedy is a personal task. For me it is Bach Flower Essence, meditation, chakra work, water, and preservative-free foods. Identified of course, with guidance from my own Kinesiologist 😊 For you, it may be essential oils, music, journaling, exercise, even sleep!

And what then, is left?

Well a space of course!

An area awaiting replenishment with something wonderful. Something heart felt, heart directed and soul rewarding.

So rest my friend, and recognise the transition you are in and the growth and its rewards that await you when your heart crosses the abyss 💜


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