Observe & Learn


The time has arrived to take stock.

Time to halt, to remain silent, and receive the messages.

As you may know, 2016 is the year of completion, the last year in a 9 year cycle, which means that 2017 is the beginning of something new. But first, we must use what remains of 2016 to tie up loose ends and then, heed the call of the new.

Over the next few weeks, you have the opportunity to review past behaviours, past actions, past words, even past relationships, and the opportunity to turn the last page and pack that story away.

Bid a fond, or not so fond, farewell, but take with you the lessons learnt, the messages, and the gift of hindsight, and use these to enhance the life you are living and the new chapter you are about to step into.

Remain aware and conscious of what you are hearing or intuiting. Be conscious of the words you are speaking, your behaviours and your reactions. Become an observer of the environment around you and the people whom you have invited to be part of your world.

Listen, observe, contemplate, choose wisely and learn.

This new world is opening up to you.

Embrace the opportunity.




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