Queen of Your World


This past week has seen several of my kinesiology clients presenting with feelings of confusion and a diminished confidence in themselves, generally as a result of a relationship upheaval.  The relationships covered the broadest range, from partners, to parents and children, and even work colleagues.

The overwhelming message for each person has been very very similar; that being to dedicate time to getting in touch with personal truths, those of both heart and soul.

So what methods have arisen to assist these clients in reaching inward and finding the messages from their inner selves?

Well apart from the tools used during the kinesiology sessions, essential oils, flowers essences, crystals, visualisations, oracle cards and Tibetan bells to name a few of my favourites, there was plenty of work to be done by the clients over the coming days and weeks.

Journalling, meditation, drawing or painting, grounding and chakra work have all been requested from the unconscious minds of these clients, as the tools that will enable access to self.

Journalling, writing, and painting without any forethought of the end result, can allow a revelation of amazing insights. Even just commencing with a splash of colour or the words ‘what am I going to write’ will start you off.

For my clients who require grounding and chakra work, we discuss in the session the specifics of what their body and mind need.

Sourcing our own soul truths allows us to access the power that has always existed within us, but which we’ve lost contact with as we’ve moved through life.

The fairytales and happy endings are still there within you. So chin up, straighten your crown, find that yellow brick road and remember, you’re the queen of your kingdom and only you know how to rule it. 👸




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