Spirit Messengers


Are you ever aware of something or someone in your peripheral vision? A flicker of movement or a flash of light?

Do you feel like you know who it is? Why they are with you?

Many of us experience such things, but few of us take the time or perhaps courage to acknowledge the existence of ‘them’. Why not ask “Who are you?”or “What are you here for?” Your answer may be a picture in your mind, words, a phrase, even a song, or perhaps just a knowing. You may be very surprised by the answer you receive.

Several months ago I wrote ‘My Evolution’,  of my experience ‘seeing’ an Aboriginal  Elder and his family in the pine plantation at the end of my favourite walking track.

This experience occurred whilst I was a student of the School of Modern Mystics (SOMM), and had been working on my Third Eye Chakra, which is the chakra of intuition, insight, the power of the mind, and becoming receptive to other realms and realities. Now, it seems that the intuitive stuff is almost second nature. I don’t doubt or question it’s existence, but rather, question it’s messages for me.

Each time I walk on by that plantation I speak to the Elder in my mind. Sometimes I see him, oftentimes I don’t. However, several weeks ago I had an interesting conversation with him.

I became aware of movement in the plantation which drew me to a standstill. There he was, the Spirit Keeper of this pine forest, but this time he and his family were packing up the camp. I asked him where they were going, and the response? “With you”. 😳 “But first we’re going to move deeper”.

Interestingly, since that conversation, moving deeper in a spiritual sense was a theme of my own kinesiology appointment.

So I guess the next questions are “where are we both going and when? What is your purpose for me? What is my purpose for you?”

Time will tell.

If you too have experienced an awareness of something other than a physical reality, consider a conversation, you never know where it may guide you.





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