Be Amazing You!



Do you appreciate the gifts, the talents and the qualities that are intrinsically you?

Do you recognise the values you possess, the ones that others see so clearly?

It truly amazes me, the number of people I meet both in my kinesiology practice and socially, who have absolutely no idea of how amazing they are, but instead, believe they are ‘less than’.

Less than the expectations of a parent, less than the person they would most aspire to be like, less than their vision of self, less than siblings, colleagues or friends.

Why? Why do we compare ourselves to others, then judge ourselves, ridicule and berate ourselves to the point of disappointment, when we are all so different and one and only originals?

Rather than looking outward for a hero, perhaps we should all be turning our focus within and seek to acknowledge the qualities that up until now, we have been seemingly oblivious to.

Acknowledgment of our skills, the things that have us feeling happy, our talents and gifts, provides us with a basis to build on. There is your hero right there.

We are ourselves. Each one of us amazingly unique.

Celebrate your individuality and proudly be, amazing you.




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