Worry, Worry, Worry😱


A truth unrecognised until the moment I read it.

In times past, I would easily have been crowned champion of worriers. It was actually often mentioned as a family trait, and I was resigned to the fact that my worry was genetic.

For me, worry was the result of stress and the ‘what if’ scenarios played out in my over active mind.

I’d toss and turn at night with possible storylines running through my head. I’d walk the dogs with imagined conversations on the mad woman loop going around and around and I’d practice OUTLOUD the responses I’d make. My poor dogs would think I was talking to them and keep stopping!

Well guess what? Everything I rehearsed, imagined, thought may happen…. Never did 😳

What a waste of imagination, because that is exactly what worry is. It’s vision, dreams, insight and inspiration used in the negative.

What activated my turnaround, my move from years of worry into one of less concern for outcomes?

It was reading Tosha Silver’s book ‘Outrageous Openness’, which espouses trusting in the Divine; releasing that which is not in our highest good, and trusting that what is meant to come to us, will.

So why not flip your worry around and access the positive side of the coin, the one that embraces confidence, trust, peace and comfort?

Don’t misuse your imagination.

Enfold your mind around the soft cloud of possibility and experience the peace that settles on and within you.




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