Positivity is the Key


Have you ever crossed paths with the person who appears to be the King or Queen of negativity?

According to them, things never go their way, good things don’t happen to them and life is always challenging.

Living with the mindset of lack and misfortune will never allow a person to recognise anything that is the opposite. This in turn, will feel to them as if they only attract the negative.

If you find yourself caught in this mindset, whether it be infrequently or more often, and you wish to move out of negativity’s grip, there is one simple thing you can do….

Fake it until you make it!

Easily said and done my friends, and yes, you’ve heard it before. It’s about practicing the art of gratitude.

You’ll discover that there was no faking it, it was in fact your reality, you just couldn’t see it through the murky eyes of  scepticism.

Give thanks at days’ end, for 3 – 5 reasons your day was great. It may be as simple as rain on your garden, a warm shower, or a smile from a stranger.

Gratitude on waking may be your preference…  a restful sleep, a workplace to go to, a good morning kiss from a partner, child or pet.

Perhaps you’d like to acknowledge the good and your gratitude throughout your day…. a face raised to the warmth of the sun, a thank you to the person holding the door open for you, an acknowledgment of the beauty in a garden or noticing the laughter of children at play.

You’ll discover that as your mind focuses on the positive, so too will your attitude and then your experiences too will be positively influenced.

Say farewell to the negative mindset and open your arms to receive the abundance of positivity now coming your way.




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