It’s Time….


Now is the time to make your move.

Where are you going? Do you know yet?

I guess the real question is, ‘where do you want to go?’

Is it regarding alternative experiences, a change of scenery, expansion of the mind, a new tribe?

Access the spaces you’ve never before contemplated and take a step forward.

Have you taken note of your messages this past week, because they will hold the key to your next major life decisions.

Immediately after I last wrote, I went walking down my favourite  bush track, the one with the pine forest running parallel at one end. I walked to the end of the track and doubled back. As I neared the end of the pine plantation, the wind picked up not around me, but in the pine tops. It grew so loud it was as if the forest was calling me. My steps ceased, I stood still and I listened…. And then I felt it; a reverberation from my crown down through my body, out through the soles of my feet and into the earth. Wow! What was this?  It felt like a sign, a blessing from nature.

Today I experienced that same sensation again, yet I was not on my walking track. I was in an area of native bush, gum trees all around, and now I think of it, a pine plantation behind the property. What is the connection? What is my message? Am I meant to be surrounded by nature not suburbia? Is this ‘my place?’

As yet, I do not know exactly where I am going to, and though I’m not 100% positive about what the message is, I do know that I need to move forward and place a foot on the first rung to get to that destination.

The time is now for each of us to recognise and act on the intuitive nudges we have and are receiving.

Trust in the process, and trust in your self.

See where it takes you.





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