Oh The Anticipation!


Can you feel it?

The hovering, the expectation, the anticipation?

It is as if there is a light scent in the air, a shape in the distance, blurred colour on the horizon, definitely something….. But what is it?

This time is filled with expectation but also hesitancy, as if we are suspended in this moment ‘before’.

What to do…..

Listen my friends, to your soul, your intuition. Notice the messages coming to you in their many forms. Words of a song, comments from others, repeating thoughts or images, even feeling a need to ‘do’, these are the soul’s communications to you .

If you are noticing but not understanding the significance of your messages, just write them down, clarity will arrive when it is meant to.

For now, rest, allow, and just be. You are gathering your tools, you equipment and your learnings, so that you are well prepared for the next phase of your amazing life 🙏🏻

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