Listen to Your Body


The recurrent theme arising within myself and my kinesiology clients this week, is around the need to listen.

Listen: to give one’s attention to.

Listening is not just about hearing words. Not at all. It involves hearing the messages you are also receiving in other forms.

What has been at the forefront of information this week is this message….

Listen to your body, not your head!

Dismiss the ‘shoulds’. I should mow the lawn, I should work my way through the pile of ironing, I should visit my mother, I should do this… That… Or the other.

What is your body telling you it needs?

Are you feeling exhausted or weary, anything but energetic, feeling meh? With absolutely no agenda, banish the shoulds and then listen to the messages your body is sending you. What is required for you to  get back to your amazing self? An afternoon snooze? More water? A stroll with your dog? Walking on the beach? Music to chill out by?  A bowl of steamed veggies perhaps?

Your body is calling for attention for a reason. Often the initial message will be akin to a whisper, if not addressed, it becomes a tap on the shoulder, then a firm thump, and ultimately it will be something that will stop you in your tracks. So please heed the message as soon as you are aware of it.

Listening intently and acting appropriately will reward you in so many ways.

Are you listening??

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