Heart Care


Our hearts are truly amazing.

Not only in a physical sense, but also in an emotional and vibrational value as well. At times, our hearts can feel like this, precariously balanced but supported, frozen in the fear of unknowns, or ready to melt

Apart from the well espoused benefits of wholesome foods, exercise and a healthy lifestyle, your heart will also benefit from some loving from you. Whatever or however that may be, know that if it enhances you as a person, it will enhance your heart as well.

So how can you love your heart?

*Spend time doing what you enjoy.

What are the things that make you happy? For me, they include fresh air and sunshine, walking in a garden or a treed area, or on the beach. Music, and time alone to contemplate, plan and dream.


Oh my, there is nothing better than laughter to have you feeling joyful, alive and whole.


A cuddle with a pet, supporting a friend, a kiss from a child, a smile to a stranger, a thank you for great service. Kindness given, strengthens your beautiful heart.

*Heart Focus

Move through your day with an awareness of your heart. Imagine it’s physicality, beating strongly and rhythmically and supporting every cell within you. Envision it’s chakra, a beautiful grass green, extending out all around you, and spinning in all its green glory, positively impacting and radiating to all you meet throughout the day.

Keeping your heart healthy involves so much more than your diet. Make the commitment today to ensure that your heart is working at it’s ultimate on every level every day.

Yes indeed, your heart is wondrous 💗

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