Kindness vs. Rightness


Kindness: the quality of being friendly, generous and considerate.

We all have the capacity to be kind, and for many of us, it is a quality within our very cells automatically released when we respond to another, with words, touch, a look or in our behaviour. It is an action of honouring yourself and others.

Sometimes though, when ego and self-pride push their way to the forefront, kindness is shoved to the end of the queue and being ‘right’ takes centre stage.

Being right is a choice, and quite often, with self leading the parade, not one that presents with kindness.

Sharing an opinion you deem to be correct because you have accurate information and evidence is quite easily and naturally presented with consideration for the welfare of those you are speaking to. On the other hand, when words are spoken with ego and pride as the driving force, kindness flies out the window. Sadly, the impact or fallout this can have will often be longer lasting than the instant gratification received by the righteous.

‘Right’ without ‘kind’ is always a choice for self-preservation and importance and is oftentimes hurtful and damaging.

Kindness as a choice however, will always be right.

The choice is yours my friends.

Be right or be kind, which do you choose?



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