When we love, we feel. It’s unavoidable. But not all feeling moments are joyous. No matter how hard we focus on positivity, if the person you love is hurting, you do too. It’s just how it is. However, you can avoid the associated heartache.

Have you ever found yourself suddenly whisked into the downward spiralling vortex of a loved ones’ pain?

Situations such as these can be quite confronting, as not only do you find yourself in places you never dreamed of, but it takes your all to source your strength to support yourself in addition to the person you love.

If we find ourselves in this position, initially we energetically connect with the emotions of the other, whether we are aware of doing so or not.This empathising involves us feeling their emotions and unknowingly owning them, it’s how we automatically try and ease their pain. We subconsciously jump straight into fixing mode, where finding solutions is our priority. However, at times we just cannot solve the problem. Sometimes it’s best that we don’t repair but rather, that we enable the person to assist themselves with some encouragement from you.

So, how do you support yourself when you are in such a vortex? In my experience both personally and as a Kinesiologist, this is what I’ve found to be of benefit.

  1. Maintain your health.                                                                         Eat wholesome foods, drink at least 2 litres of water per day, rest when your body needs it regardless of the ‘should do’s’ your  head speaks.  Exercise in some form; walk, swim, yoga, run, whatever gives you comfort and peace.
  2. Maintain your boundaries.                                                          You decide the rules. Determine what you  will accept or allow and share these with the person you are supporting.
  3. Chakra work.                                                                                          I strongly recommend a daily chakra meditation to cleanse and strengthen if not all of your chakras, at the very least, your solar plexus chakra. This is your champion, your fighter, your inner strength and boundary rider.
  4. Send And Envision.                                                                       Send light/love/prayers to your loved one. Envision them healed, healthy and living a good life.

Support those you love, but most importantly support you 💗







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