Several months ago, I decided to grant myself the opportunity to attend a conference in my chosen and much loved career as a Kinesiologist. I was keen to experience new learnings, new people and new ideas, so I eagerly applied to attend the symposium in several months time.

Never did I envision the strength of the experiences that would cloak me in seemingly gossamer enchantment and renewal.

On reflection, my many experiences were personal awakenings and realisations. All were totally unexpected, but they were so obviously what I required for my own growth and development.
Some of the ‘firsts’ I experienced I’d like to share with you.

At the Crystal Castle and Shambhala Gardens, whilst sitting on a huge rose quartz crystal encircled by rings of rose quartz, I experienced for the first time, energetic vibrations moving powerfully around and through me. Being so aware of the energy from a whole self perspective was a first.

Over the two days, I listened to words of wisdom, knowledge and guidance, from men and women I consider to be the guiding lights and leaders in kinesiology, and these very people related to those attending, including me, as their peers. Such a humbling honour for me.

Meditations enhanced and guided with words, crystal and singing bowls and bells, brought forth visions, words, ideas and peace.

Conversations increased knowledge, added friendships and provided opportunities.

Witnessing the revelations and experiences of others, gifted a learning and an openness to possibilities not previously known.

Spontaneously sharing my craft with those who suddenly required assistance, both singularly and in a group, was both a privilege and empowering, in that it permitted self recognition of my worth.

Perhaps my most treasured experience, and one that moves me to tears with remembrance of it’s effects, was a sound healing provided with didgeridoo. I cannot truly put into words the power of this amazing instrument as it’s vibrations were directed up and down my spine and then over my heart chakra. If ever you are granted the opportunity to experience such a healing, honour the offer with open arms.

There are moments in life that impact you in ways never dreamt of. My wish is that you too, experience the blessing of receiving such momentous gifts.🙏🏻



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