Nature’s Gift


Several days ago, I was walking along a path I have ambled along many, many times. As I rounded a curve in the path, this lovely eucalypt caught my eye. My eyes were drawn to the definition of this branch, and I actually said aloud, “that tree has muscles!” I could not resist the urge to capture it and share it with you.

You too are like this amazing tree, and the beauty of nature’s gifts act as reminders of our strengths, particularly in challenging times.

How so?

The tree itself is one of visual beauty, but there is so much more to behold than what our eyes can see.

The tree is anchored into the earth by its roots, grounded by the very structures that are the foundation of its existence, not only in their search for water and sustenance, but in their hold to the soil, providing a firm supportive base.

We too require a firm symbiotic relationship with the food we eat, the shelter we seek, the work that we do, and the connections with others. These things are the basics of life, and for us, this grounding is just as important as it is for the tree.

The strength of the tree in appearance is deceptive. Yes it is robust, but it is also flexible. It moves, bends, sways and dances when the forces of nature are working at their utmost.  It shifts with the wind and rain rather than remaining rigid. It allows environmental influences to assist its growth and development rather than to stunt it by resisting, and it melds and develops as  this lovely tree has done, it’s branch twisting and contorting as it adapts.

Perhaps there are times when you find rigidity is less than beneficial for you. Permitting yourself to be flexible and supple can decrease the less than positive impacts that challenging occasions can produce.

Be the tree. Stand strong, supple and flexible and know you will always be a beautiful gift 🌳




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