Let Your Light Shine


Recently I discussed my experiences of messages from the Divine about releasing and letting go, and then going with the flow. Whilst this is an ongoing theme for me and hopefully coming to completion, well the letting go anyway; another subliminal message has also pushed its way forward that requires action, particularly,  it calls to be a focus of this coming week.

Funnily enough, or perhaps not so, it appears that the messages I’m receiving are messages you also are receiving, and the approaching week cradles a theme of letting your true self/soul/light shine.

What does this mean? How do you achieve this?

Though you may be of the belief that you do not possess anything special worth sharing, or you are unaware of your gifts and thus believe you are unable to present anything to the world, this is most definitely nowhere near a truth.

In fact, just being your authentic self is shining your light.

When you are willing to drop the facade or walls of self protection, when you can bless those whose negativity generally affects you, and just be, you are opening your heart and allowing it’s true essence to shine.

Sharing your smile, your actions, your laughter and conversation, being non-judgemental, and consciously being present in whatever you are doing rather than thinking into the future or past,  is allowing your true self to step out into the world and be seen.

So this week, focus on you and your beautiful soul, bless others with love and acceptance, maintain all you do in the very moment in which you act, open your heart and step into the world and shine. ✨

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