You Good Thing!


Do you ever find yourself looking around at others and recognising their gifts and achievements, whilst feeling bewildered around the perceived lack of your own successes?

Perhaps now is the time for you to cease the outward gazing and to take a peek within.

Dismiss and release any criticisms and evaluate your true self with renewed vision.

Consider your year of 2015. What did you achieve? What do you now know about you that you were oblivious to 12 months ago?

Life consists of opposites,  positive and negative, dark and light, sadness and joy. We would never recognise one without first experiencing the other, for only then can we appreciate the differences.

Maybe, just maybe, you are in your opposite, your rest phase prior to the action.

Consider what others see in you. If you were another, looking through eyes of truth and appreciation, what would you notice about you?

Perhaps the reasons you recognise the fabulous happening to others, is because you are in your interval, your breathing space, the precious time before your blossoming; and very possibly, those that you are admiring are your opposite, and you my dear one, are their fabulous. 💗


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