Go With The Flow


These words have been around me for several days.  They keep appearing in articles or posts I’m reading or for clients in my clinic, even in my dreams,  so it is obvious to me that I not only act on the words for myself, but share them with you too.

Last week was one of release, letting go of situations, beliefs, connections or people that do not resonate with where we are at this exact moment in our lives. This doesn’t necessarily mean excluding others completely from  your life, but perhaps recognising the influences they have on you and choosing to release the effects. But once you’ve let go, what next? Well, nothing in particular, just go with the flow.

My story of release and flow started on Sunday in a conversation with a psychic friend, who advised me that now was the time to liberate myself from parental expectations and live as my inner soul directs. “Ok I thought, I can do that,” and focused on using a visualisation meditation to assist me.

Tuesday was a kinesiology appointment and lo and behold, it was about releasing expectations and trusting in the divine. Trust is my word for 2016 by the way 😁 By week’s end, two kinesiology clients required Go With The Flow flower essence, which also required me reading out the information to them. Talk about reinforcement!

Early hours Sunday I woke with the words ‘go with the flow’ reverberating through my mind. 😳 I have no memory of dreaming, only the echoing words. Tuesday lunching with a friend and we’re catching up on what’s been happening in our lives these past few months and she blurts out ‘You need to pull a card.’ Off I trot to her healing room and select a box of beautiful oracle cards I’ve not before used, and what do I draw? The River Queen…. The title? Let go, go with the flow!

And so my friends, this week’s message is a definite continuation of last week’s releasing.

Just go with the flow. Let the current take you where you need to be.  Relax back, float and enjoy, and if the waters become a little turbulent, do not fear. Trust in yourself and whomever you place your faith in, be it Spirit, God, the Angels or a passed on relative or friend, know that all will eventuate as it should.

May you always trust the divine flow 🙏🏻



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