Is Your Language Supporting You?


The language we use daily has an impact on the lives we live.

On numerous occasions in my Kinesiology Practice, I meet gorgeous beings who present with an intention that will vastly improve their outlook, behaviour, health or response to someone or something. And during the process of the kinesiology session, we discover that language is the ultimate trigger for the less than positive issues that brought them to me.

The words we hear, or see in today’s media indulged world, from ourselves or others, can affect us on multiple levels, whether we are aware of this or not. It is often not until it is pointed out to us, that we realise that our everyday language is altering our mindset and actions.

Words have force!

Anecdotal evidence speaks of the child being told they are not as good as another, or they’d never amount to anything worthwhile  and as adults they still believe this. I’ve met clients who use repetitive language such as ‘pain in the neck’ or ‘doing my head in’ and wonder why they frequently have headaches! They end up living the words they are listening to.

We often hear the phrase ‘living the dream’, and it is generally used to describe our view of another’s fortune to be living the way we wish we could be living.  Why would you want to live a dream when it is an aspiration, a wish, a hope? Why not live a reality instead? Surely reality is more satisfying than dreaming?

Similarly, do you use the term ‘to die for’? Do you really want to die for that sublimely delicious fudgy chocolate cake, wouldn’t you prefer to live for it?

Are there words or phrases you regularly use that are having a less than positive impact on you or others? If yes is your answer, try altering your conversation to include respectful loving words, and witness their undeniable affect.

Our lives are so much more enjoyable when we live with the vibration of positive words.



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