Honesty & Truth


This coming week I feel, has a theme of honesty and truth.

I’m not referring to you speaking to people about how you perceive them or advising them on what you believe they should be doing.


First, foremost and exclusively, this next 6 days is about  focussing on honesty with your own self.

As the year of the monkey starts to weave it’s magic, now is your opportunity to plan and determine your progress through the year with an open and honest attitude.

Who are you?

My reference is not to your career or your varied roles of wife, parent, sibling and similar, but to your inner soul self.

Who are you really?

If I asked another to describe you, what words would they use? Are they the words you would use for yourself?

Are these words truly descriptive of your true self or do they describe the image you project to the world?

The unfortunate reality is that many of us have had our dreams and aspirations extinguished from a young age, and we have grown up meeting the expectations of parents, grandparents and society in general.

Now is the perfect time to once again make contact with those childhood dreams and ignite your potential. As an adult, you are now responsible for yourself and your actions. It is now time to make ‘you’ happy. What is it that you loved to do or dreamed of doing?

To assist you to find your truth of you, remove yourself and find a little solitude. Go for a walk, dig in the garden, wash your car, paint, draw, write, lie under a tree, do the thing that aides your thinking.

Ask yourself what it is that is holding you back from doing what you dream of. What is the word or emotion that describes this inhibitor and then travel down that path of discovering what it means for you, where it comes from and how you can address it.

Use this process to access awareness of your truth and run with it.

Discover your internal truth, release the tap and let your honest authentic self flow freely.

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