A Heart Compass


In which direction are you going?

Are you ‘headed’ toward something or are you ‘hearted’ toward it? Or are you running the other way? 😳

For some of us, making a decision can be less than easy; weighing up options, researching, consulting others for guidance, it can be so very confusing.

I’m sure many of you can recall a time when you’ve made a decision based on what your mind was telling you should be done, whilst knowing that your heart was saying otherwise. How did that eventuate? Was the outcome fabulous?

Decisions made without reference to the heart are generally not in our best interests. A consultation with your heart is a consultation with your soul, your truthful inner most self. Funnily enough, basing a choice on financial reward, pleasing others, or doing what is expected, will eventually have us feeling unfulfilled and less than content and happy.

Yes we all need to make mistakes and experience challenges so that we learn and grow, but why choose this path if we can choose something more joyous?

Practice considering your small choices with your heart rather than your mind, and see how that develops for you. Listen to that inner voice whispering to you, and experience the sensation of making a heart choice.

The next time you are in a position to make what could quite possibly be a life altering choice, perhaps consult your heart, really listen to it and understand how both heart and soul are truly feeling about the situation.

Have faith…


Your heart definitely knows the way.

Run in that direction ❤️

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