My Evolution



I’ve been fortunate to spend the last few days away from home, just me and my dogs. Time has been spent as I please, reading, researching, writing, walking, meditating and generally relaxing.

The opportunity has gifted me amongst other things, moments to contemplate what I now know.

These last few months I’ve been a student of the School of Modern Mystics, and the primary focus has been on the chakras. 2 weeks have been allocated to each specific chakra, with daily work done on all as a meditation. What I have particularly noticed is the awareness that this study has gifted me.

Each chakra has it’s particular role in our lives. Our very being is influenced by the state and health of our chakras, and it is our personal responsibility to ensure their health is optimum.  As I have been doing this, adjustments have been occurring, some barely noticeable and others too obvious to dismiss. The following is an example of what I now know.

There is nearby, a country lane I love to walk down. The ground is of dirt, tree roots, pebbles and fallen leaves and twigs. Either side is natural native vegetation, a biodiversity area; grasses, trees and bushes, and above, a cathedral effect of trees and blue sky. At the lane’s end on the right, is a beautiful pine forest, possibly  several acres in size. Part way down the lane is a fallen tree overgrown with creepers, and in this tree is a native bee hive. Civilisation cannot be heard, only nature. A variety of birds – wrens, wagtails, screeching cockatoos, and the buzz of bees and the wind through the grasses and trees. Quite often I walk to the end and then turn back rather than continuing onto roads as I love it so much.

On a recent walk, as I reached the pine forest, something caught my attention that made me stop in my tracks. Part way in amongst the pines, was an  elderly Aboriginal man spear in hand, looking directly at me, and behind him but to the side, were other men, women and children. No I was not dreaming or hallucinating! They were present in spirit form and this was their land. They are it’s caretakers. In today’s society, it is protocol to acknowledge the original owners of our land, and here I was fortunate to be seeing them.

The chakra I was working on at this time was my sixth chakra or Third Eye chakra, it’s role is working with intuition, insight, the power of the mind, and becoming receptive to other realms and realities.

My study has gifted me something I had never imagined, and my time alone has gifted me insight and gratitude.

What I now know is that we are more than our physical bodies, and the world we live in is more than we will ever understand. However, I also know that accessing the wisdom of our universe is available to us all.

My life is constantly evolving. I am constantly evolving.

And for that I am truly grateful.

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