Your ‘Becoming’


As I read this I experienced a whirl of resonance. Yes indeed, it does take time to find your real self.

Who we become is shaped by our experiences and our personal history, all developed on multiple levels; physical, emotional and spiritual.

Reflecting back on my youth, I don’t remember giving much if any thought, to issues spiritual or ‘worldly’ in any great depth. I loved, studied, worked, socialised, saved for a home and raised a family, all the while ‘doing’ rather than thinking.

But as I was ‘doing’ I was ‘becoming’, because somewhere along that track, I began to develop and shift, to metamorph into who I now am.

And as I altered and grew into ‘me’ I began to notice things other than what was generic. I started to feel, see, sense, and know more than what only my eyes could see. I embraced the knowledge, I held it close and nurtured it allowing it to expand and become.

The challenges and tasks thrown my way have loosened me, etched new lines and dimmed the glow of youth, however, they have been replaced with knowledge, experience and the wisdomly light of years counted and celebrated.

The person who stands before me now, reflected in my mirror of reality, is my essence, my soul, my truth. Yes it will continue to change and evolve, what I see now will not exist to this degree in 10, 20, 30 years and that is fantastic because I am going to be, just like the velveteen rabbit, an exceptionally loosened and loved up version of my current self.

Remember, your ‘becoming’ process is one of grace, truth, and a beautiful reality of you.



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