The Gift in Disguise



Whew! This past week in particular has been one of immense challenge not only for myself, but for many of you too.

Quite a number of us have found ourselves confronted with situations and/or people that resonate with past energies we assumed we had dealt with and resolved. This lightening bolt of reality sure was a shock to the system, and many have felt as if they have been hurtled back in time.

Yes, it has definitely been challenging, however, flipping this around, we have also been provided with the opportunity to address things differently this time, to amend or reaffirm our choices.

Hopefully you have honoured the opportunity that has been gifted and altered your words, actions or mindset, to maximise the occasion and move forward, with the focus now on you and your goals.

The full moon today is the perfect opportunity to step into your own power. To listen to your soul, your intuition, to notice the repeated words, ideas, or your ‘gut instinct’, and to act on all of these in some way. Follow the glimpse of curiosity’s lure. Maybe you’re getting the urge to go for a swim in the ocean, dig in the garden, plan a new venture. Don’t hesitate, don’t think too deeply about the why, but take action. As Elizabeth Gilbert explains in her book Big Magic, say ‘yes’ to every single tiny clue of curiosity, learn to trust it and see where it leads you. It is what your body is asking for and you will reap the benefits on multiple unimaginable levels.

So, give thanks for the opportunity to review and modify.

Bless the past, embrace the present, and open your arms to the future 💗

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