Isn’t it astonishing that life can feel so great, satisfaction is a constant, occasions of joy are frequent and feeling content is your ‘normal’, and BAM! 👊🏻 you plummet into a sticky quagmire of disappointment?

The first curveball of 2016 arriving 3 weeks into the year is pretty good, but still not welcomed with open arms!

My last blog was about inner happiness and its dependence on no one but ‘self,’ and here I was in a fog of discouragement.😕

How do you manage disappointment?

What do you do to have it dissipate into the ether?

I was recently confronted with these very questions.

What exactly is disappointment? The Oxford dictionary describes it as ‘sadness or displeasure caused by the non-fulfilment of one’s hopes or expectations.’

Going one step further, I believe our hopes and expectations are generally placed on either ourselves, or on others, and I guess this is where the issue of resolution lies.

We have absolutely no control of the behaviour or words of anyone other than ourselves.

Disappointment in self can be addressed positively by viewing it as a life lesson, pulling apart the pieces and understanding where and why the inappropriate decision was made.

However, disappointment as a result of the expectations placed on another are not so easily remedied. Yes it feels like a knife slash to the heart, but repair is less than easy because I am not you and you are not me. We are each our own ‘self’.

It is much too simplistic to believe we will refuse to be optimistic about outcomes involving those we love, because the connecting cords are ever present regardless of their length. However, you still have control of yourself and your own feelings.

So what did I do to assist my climb out of the despondency I was experiencing?

Two things. I focused on my word for 2016, which is FAITH, I considered its role for me in this instance and lived it, and then I took my own advice and went in search of my inner happiness.

I dug in the garden, pulled weeds, walked along dirt tracks, breathed in nature’s blossoms, noticed the bees, cuddled my dogs and buried my feet in sand. I walked and talked to myself like a crazy woman, worked on chakra strengthening and journaled.

Some or none of these activities may resonate with you. You already know what warms your soul, fills your heart and brings a smile to your face. Whatever it is, I highly recommend that you take action and instil your  ‘self’ with peace.

Heart healing takes time. That’s okay, because healing involves faith and doing what makes you happy.

Repleneshing my inner happiness is my key, and it’s highly likely to be your key too.


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