Inner Happiness


Have you ever stood under a night sky, gazing at the marvel of stars and moon?

This is one of my favourite things to do.

I often wonder, “how many others are doing the exact same thing, and what does the night sky observe that we mere humans do not?”

Something familiar resonates when under a starlit sky. Yes the light is considerably less than the sun’s brilliance, but  I feel as if I am drawing energy from the stars and moon as they bathe me in soft muted light.

Being present in nature, be it gardens, bush, forest or beach, has the same affect on me. Honestly, these are the places where I feel most happy, relaxed and content, and I leave feeling recharged.

It is so important for you to recognise what is necessary for your inner happiness, and to make the time to ensure that you replenish the supply.

True inner happiness is not dependent on another person, their presence, actions or gifts. It does not have a monetary value, nor is it exclusive to only a chosen few.

Quite often, the trigger for your true happiness is nothing complex, but the simplest of things. It is the very thing that feeds your soul, warms your heart, and leaves you gratified and at peace.

What just popped into your mind? Because that my friend is your personal  happiness trigger.

Go on!

Regenerate  and restore your inner happy 😊




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