Dreams Into Plans


Welcome to the second week of 2016.

You’ve released the stuff that does not enhance you.

You’ve retreated within in the way you love to.

Your inspirations and goals have been recognised and followed through with some visualisation, research and planning.

And now?

Now you role is to continue to build on your foundations one brick at a time.

Expecting earth shattering life changes to immediately occur? Umm, time for a little reality my love.

Diligently add to your bricks, small adjustments will occur as you travel along, and you’ll discover soon enough that you reach a retrospective point, a recognition of just how far you have travelled, and how near you are to grasping what was initially a dream but is now a soon to be reality.

I’ve been studying the last few months, well really the last 4+ years, but my current focus has been on the chakras. Some of my fellow students have reported significant challenges that for them, have been quite confronting but ultimately life changing. Personally, my experience has been of seemingly minor shifts  that have subsequently produced considerable up shifts for me.

This is what you too will discover as you build on your visions.

So turn your can’ts into cans and your dreams into plans.

Stand tall, dream big, visualise passionately and act on all of it.

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