Let It Go… Let It Come…


We are one week into the new year of 2016, and have you noticed there is currently a theme, an underlying energy, of ‘letting go’?

To allow space for what is waiting to come forward, we need to release that which is not in the best interest of our heart, our soul.  I spoke of this toward the completion of 2015, and if you have not yet acted on this, these few days are your perfect opportunity to do so.

So, the past has been farewelled, the emotional weights have been released, your heart feels a little lighter and possibility is surrounding you.  You are now ready to walk through the door of 2016.

Today is the perfect time to consider your dreams, to really focus on how you truly want 2016 to be for you.

Gift yourself some alone time; a walk along the beach, a country lane, or in a  quiet reflective space, to contemplate what it is that would bring you joy, fulfilment, excitement.  Savour the concept, turn it over and cradle it in your mind. Write it down, see the words and ideas in front of you and elaborate with description, pictures, symbols, and see where it leads you.

Setting your intention is the first step in creating your reality.

The second step is to formulate the ‘how’ and then to act.  What is meant to be yours will arrive at the right time, but not without your assistance. Do the research, read for inspiration, network, meditate for guidance, whatever you feel will aid you to complete the foundations.

Take your time.

Let go… Make space…

Let it come… Dream…

Focus… Plan…

Follow the guidance of your heart ❤️





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